You Have to Be Able to Accept Rejection

If you want your dream job, or any kind of job for that matter, you have to be able to accept rejection. In order to get a job, you have to go on interviews with the employer. You are going to face rejection in those interviews, for sure. But if you let the rejection stop you, or paralyze you, you will never get your dream job.

You may get rejected many times before you get a job. But the more interviews you go on, the better your chances you have to get a job.

It’s even better if you try to learn why you didn’t get the job. Maybe the employer was looking for someone who had a different type of quality, maybe a skill, and maybe you can learn that skill. Maybe the employer couldn’t see the potential in you, so try to figure out a way to show your potential the next time.

Don’t let the person who rejected you define you as a person, he or she doesn’t know the potential inside of you. You may have to develop that potential, but you need to know that it’s there.

I read a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger, he said that he lets rejection roll off his back like water rolls off a duck’s back. Whatever you think of Arnold, you can learn from his advice. In other words, he doesn’t let rejection affect him or stop him, he just goes on to the next thing.

I found a web site that talks about successful people who faced rejection:

Here is another web site about successful people who failed at first:

Hear this advice – Don’t expect your dream job to come easy, be ready for a lot of rejection before you get it.

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