You Don’t Have to Be a Star to Be an Actor

I came across an article about an actor, Kenneth Tobey. Most people probably never heard of him, but he acted in nearly 90 films. His biggest role was probably the 1951 sci-fi movie, The Thing from Another World, where he portrayed a U.S. Air Force pilot. But most of his roles were smaller or bit parts.

Some people may not think a career in acting is possible, because their definition of success is only if you become rich and famous. But if you love acting, it’s possible to make a career by getting smaller parts like Kenneth Tobey. If you stick to it and keep trying to improve your skills, the more likely you will find work.

Actually, being famous may have negative aspects, because many famous people have a hard time having a ‘normal’ life. Sometimes they cannot even go out in public, because they may be recognized.

Being rich and famous is possible, but if you love acting, the more important thing it so get consistent work, like Kenneth Tobey, who had nearly 90 film credits spanning a 54 year career.