I Love My Job

I love my job as a Disney artist. For anyone who is choosing what career they should have, I would recommend choosing a job that you will love. The job you love may not always pay well, but think about this:

When you love your job, you don’t mind working hard.

When you love your job, you want to learn all you can about it.

When you love your job, you want to do the best you can.

When you love your job, you’ll make the extra effort to improve what you do.

When you love your job, your love will eventually show and that will make you more valuable to your company.

If you love your job, you may rise to the top of your field, because of all the above reasons.

I believe you can make money doing anything you love to do, BUT you have to go about it a certain way. It helps to be responsible with money, for example. And you may have to figure out HOW to make money at whatever you do, which may not be easy. You might spend years not making very much money before you become successful, or you may never make much money. But loving your job has unseen benefits, like more personal satisfaction, and maybe less stress.

I’ve always loved Disney. I think the reason I’m good at my job is that I love the Disney movies and I love Disneyland, I know the characters so well, that I want to make sure that they’re done right. When I look at a Disney character, I can tell if it’s correct or ‘off’. I will take the extra effort to make it right, even though I didn’t have to. That love and care for making the characters right is what makes me good at what I do.

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