Going on Job Interviews

When you go on a job interview, the employer may like you, but they may not have an opening right now. Is it ok to follow up with the employer, or would it bug them when you call back? It’s my experience that if the employer likes you, but just doesn’t have an opening, it’s good to follow up with them, and you won’t bug them.

Ask if you can call them back in a week or so. If they say yes, then definitely call them back. If you call back, and they still don’t have an opening, then call them back again after a week or two. My experience is that you won’t bug them, just be nice and polite, and keep it short. Keep calling back. Sometimes, they are impressed when you are really persistent, they can see that you really want the job, so they may figure that you will be a good worker.

If you do bug them, they will probably politely tell you. And if the job opening becomes unavailable for whatever reason, they will tell you that too. Just be polite at all times, even after being turned down.

Most of the time, it’s up to you to follow up on getting the job. Have confidence in yourself and keep trying, you will eventually get there.

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