Make the Most of Your Talents and Abilities

I have a friend who is a good example of someone who realized his talent and made a career out of it.

When Dave was five years old, he climbed up on to the roof of his parent’s house. His parents were surprised and scared that he would climb up onto the roof, but when Dave grew up, he turned his ability to climb into a career.

Dave wasn’t afraid of heights, and he also liked to fix things. He got a job maintaining microwave radio towers, and later started his own business and even bought his own towers, and he loves his work.

Dave’s talent might at first have seemed like something you can’t make a career out of, but he found a way to do it. If you want your dream job, you have to study your own talents and abilities and make something out of it. You may not be able to climb heights like Dave, but there is something special you can do.

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