“I Think That Can Be Done Better”

If you can say, “I think that can be done better”, then you may have an indication to what your dream job can be.

George Lucas saw the original Star Trek TV series, and thought the special effects could be done better, so he made Star Wars.

Walt Disney saw amusement parks, and thought they could be done better. Walt took his daughters to Griffith Park in Los Angeles, and while sitting on the bench while his daughters rode the merry-go-round, he thought an amusement enterprise could be built where children and parents could have fun together. That was the genesis of the idea to build Disneyland.

My own experience is that I would study Disney characters on merchandise or books and thought they could be drawn better. I loved the Disney movies, but I thought that sometimes the characters on merchandise weren’t drawn as well as in the movies. So I worked to improve my own ability to draw and paint the characters, that’s how I was able to get work from Disney.

So I believe that if you see something related to your career, and can say “I think that can be done better”, and you can figure out a way to make it better, then you have a good chance that you can be successful at your dream job.

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