Combine What You Love With What You’re Good At

Here is what I consider to be important advice to get your dream job – Figure out a way to combine what you love with what you are naturally good at. Only you can figure that out for yourself, but here are a few examples.

Examples of what you love to do: cook, play video games, sing, skateboard, draw, play sports, go to theme parks.

Examples of what you love – not necessarily to do, but what you have an interest in: movies, boats, trains, history, travel, planets, animals, cars, internet, clothes, music.

Examples of what you are naturally good at: building, drawing, organizing, caring for people, talking, figuring out things, cooking, writing.

Examples of jobs: chef, clothing designer, architect, tour guide, work in the zoo, computer engineer, writer for books or magazines, nurse, builder, video game tester.

If what you – love to do – and – are naturally good at – don’t seem to match, try to find a way to combine them.

Examples of things that may not seem to match:
Love music but can’t sing – Maybe you can write songs, or work for a music company.
Love art but can’t draw – Maybe you can work in an art gallery, or write for an art magazine.
Love to skateboard but not good at it – Maybe you can organize skateboarding events.
Again, these are just examples.

Most people get a job because it makes money, but they don’t take the time to figure out what they love to do and what they are naturally good at. But if you want your dream job, it’s important to figure this out.

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