Figure Out What You’re Good At

Some people might say “I’m not good at anything”. My Mom used to say that, but when I think about it, she was really good at cooking (although she would say she wasn’t), she was interested in crafty things, like cake decorating, and she was surprisingly (to me, at least) savvy on a variety of subjects. I’m sure there are a lot of talents that she didn’t even realize she had.

My Dad was co-owner of a supermarket, but my Mom used to tell me that he was good at PR (public relations), that he would have been a good PR man. Again, when I think about it, I remember my Dad had some promotional events at the market, once he even had an elephant ride in the parking lot, and he dressed up as a clown. And he used to get the queen and her court from the local beauty pageant (Lodi Grape Festival) to give out samples to the customers. Maybe you can think of some hidden talents that your parents or other family members had, but didn’t fully pursue.

I am convinced that everyone is good at SOMETHING. You may not think you’re good at anything, or maybe you think that what you’re good at isn’t good FOR anything, meaning you can’t make a career at it.

When I was in college, students would joke about taking classes in ‘underwater basket weaving’, meaning a subject that is easy and/or useless. But what if you were really good at basket weaving, and raised it to an art form? If your baskets were so beautiful, do you think you could make money selling them? Or even have them displayed in an art gallery? I would say so, but of course you would have to be really good, and go about it a certain way.

If you want to pursue your dream job, first you have to figure out what you’re really good at. It may be a talent that you didn’t realize you had, or was worth anything. It still might not be easy to make a career out of it, and it might take a long time, but it is POSSIBLE.

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