I’m a Disney Artist, but I’m Not Special

We all teach kids that they’re special, and they ARE special in different ways.  But I want to turn that expression around and say that I’m not special.  I was able to become a Disney artist, but as a person I’m not special.  I’m not trying to give false modesty, what I mean is I am an average person just like anyone else.

I’m a short Japanese American guy, my family was middle class, I grew up in a small town.  I’m a quiet person, I’m sometimes awkward talking to people.  I got good grades, but I was never good at sports.  I wasn’t popular in high school.  I graduated from UC Berkeley, but I lived in Berkeley in an apartment til I was 36, I didn’t get married til I was 41, I was definitely a late bloomer.

What’s my point?  I truly believe that if I can get my dream job, then it’s possible for anyone to get their dream job.  In this blog, I’m going to share how I did it, so you can get an idea what it takes to get your dream job, whatever it is.

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