I Started Out as an Average Kid

I have my dream job as a freelance Disney artist.  But as a kid and as a person, I was very average and ordinary.  I was a ‘good’ kid, and didn’t get into trouble, but I wasn’t outstanding or special.  I was quiet, didn’t really have a lot of close friends, but spent a lot of my time when I was young drawing cartoon characters.

Although I liked to draw and I loved Disney, when I was young, I didn’t really think I could become a Disney artist.  I think that was mainly because I didn’t know any Disney artists personally, or any successful artists for that matter.  Although I eventually worked for Disney, I think that if I had actually known a successful artist when I was young, I would have thought that it was possible to be a Disney artist earlier than I did, I would have had a role model to show me that it was possible.

That’s why I’m sharing my story, because I want to let people know that whatever your dream job is, it’s possible to get it.  And I mean any job, not just working for Disney.

One thought on “I Started Out as an Average Kid

  1. Hi Uncle Kenny, thanks for sharing your experiences. They’re quite fascinating 🙂 I’m going to forward this blog to one of our pastors..

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