He Found His Passion at Trade School

I have a friend, Suzie, who shared a story about a young man she used to hire to help work in her garden. He was shy and embarrassed to tell her that he had left community college to attend a trade school to become an auto mechanic.

He said that most of his friends were going to Stanford, USC, and other universities, to become lawyers, teachers, etc. and they looked down on him and made fun of him for wanting to fix cars.

But he loved tinkering with car parts and playing with engines, and Suzie told him that there was nothing wrong with that and he would always have a job and be admired and respected by people. He graduated from the trade school top of his class and quickly found employment with the county.

Suzie told him that doing what he loved will always make him feel fulfilled and much happier. By following his passion, he was able to earn good money and was starting to become less shy and more confident.

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