My Fan-aticism for Disney Turned into Working for Disney

When I was a kid, I loved Disney, but I didn’t really imagine growing up to be a Disney artist. It seemed too far out of the realm of possibility, especially growing up in small town Lodi, California. I imagined myself being a great Disney fan, but not working for Disney. But after being a Disney artist for 25 years, I realized that the love and passion I had for Disney is what propelled me to eventually work for Disney. I believe the main reason that I’m good at what I do is simply because I have so much love for Disney.

I heard Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr talk about his career. Bob designed or helped design the Autopia, Monorail, Main Street vehicles and many of the vehicles at Disneyland. He said that if you want your dream job, think about what sparked your interest when you were 5 years old, then follow that spark. That thing hidden inside yourself when you were young can be the thing that makes your dream job.

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