It Helps to Be Positive

There is one thing I noticed when I read about Fred Baybarz. He loves a challenge, and when one challenge was met, he was ready for the next one. Another way you could say it was that he faced problems with positive anticipation.

When you face a problem with positive anticipation, you are more open to see solutions. If you face a problem with negative dread, you’ve already kind of given up because your mind has already shut down because you think you can’t do it. If you love the challenge, it means that you believe you can solve that challenge.

When I was a struggling freelance artist, I can’t say that I woke up every morning thinking, “I love a challenge!” At best I was probably neutral about whatever problems I faced. But now I realize that the more positive you are, the more likely you are to solve your problems and achieve your goals, even if they seem hard or impossible to get. If you are negative about your problems or goals, you are more likely to get stuck or give up.

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