What Happens When You Fail?

In this blog, I’m trying to share my experience in getting my dream job. It didn’t come easy, and it took me a long time to get it. There were long stretches of time when I didn’t get much work. So what do you do when you try something and it doesn’t work out?

When you are trying to get your dream job, you will have setbacks and yes, even failures. The best advice I can give when you fail is, you have to figure out a way to keep going. If you try something, try not to bet your whole life savings on it. Be aware of the risks, try to be realistic and don’t be swayed by fantasy ideas. For example, a lot of people think that a restaurant would be a good business. But most new restaurants fail within a few years. If you try any business, try to start small, then if you have some success, then you can build upon it.

If you try anything that requires monetary investment, try to minimize your risk so that if you fail, you can try again, and keep going. For example, if you take out a large loan from the bank, and your business fails, that might ruin you financially, and you might have to give up hope for your dream job. That’s why it’s better to start out small, then grow gradually if you are successful. Try not to let the failure force you to give up on your dream job, so be careful and realistic.

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