How Believing in Yourself Works

If you believe your goal is possible, then you would naturally point yourself in that direction. When you believe, you will start to take steps, however small, toward your goal. If something gets in your way, you figure out a way to get around it. You may get stuck, but if you’re determined to get your goal, you won’t stay stuck for too long.

If you don’t really believe in your goal, then you won’t even take the steps. You probably won’t even get started, but even if you do, you would probably get discouraged easily when obstacles appear.

Getting to your goal is not guaranteed. But NOT getting to your goal IS guaranteed IF you give up.

Success depends on how strongly you believe, how clear it is, and how passionate you are about your goal.

Believing in your goal may be a process, the farther you move in the right direction, the stronger your belief becomes, because you build upon small successes along the way. That’s why it’s important to start taking the steps.

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